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I just came back from my 4-day business trip to the capital city of the land of smiles, Bangkok. Since the main purpose of my trip was to audit my supplier, so I didn't have much times to stroll around Bangkok. But still I have a lot of things to tell and to share about my business trip. 

True, it wasn't my first time travelling internationally, but the last time I had been on an airplane was almost 2 years ago! So I actually couldn't remember the proper procedures for check-in at airport. 

I arrived at the Penang International Aiport almost 4 hours prior to my flight scheduled departure. After having my lunch at the airport (I really regretted not having lunch before going to the airport because the airport food was so expensive!),  I immediately went to the international departure hall. However, I was denied to enter the departure hall because I had yet to get my travel documents verified. So I went to the Air-asia check-in counter to get my travel documents verified. 

In the departure hall, there are a few sad shops and one snack bar. Really nothing to do but just sit and wait until your flight is called for boarding. So I advise you to not enter the departure hall until you are ready to board. Nevertheless, the terminal offers a nice view of the tarmac.

My flight arrived at the Don Mueang International Airport (DMK) at around 5:30 PM local time. I am sorry to say this but the DMK was pretty much a hot mess with the atrociously long lines at the immigration. By the time I was done with the immigration it was almost 7:45 PM. It means I had been queuing for almost 2 hours! The immigration officer was also very rude.. My passport is my identity, he should hand the passport to me nicely and politely. 

After I went through the immigration, I came down to the ground floor to look for a telco shop. It is recommended to buy a prepaid SIM at the airport because once you reach Bangkok, buying a tourist-SIM may be very difficult if not impossible. There were several choices, but I choose TRUEMOVE as they provide the best 4G coverage in Thailand. 

I bought 7-Day internet package at a price of 199 baht. With the package, I got 5.5 GB internet. 

*** to be continued ***


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