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After I got my internet activated, I immediately booked a GrabCar to go to a halal food stall in Bangkok. For those who do not know what the Grab is, it is Southeast Asia's leading ride hailing platform for booking taxi, private-hire cars and carpool. 

Back to the story, I went to a Halal food stall located in front of Patra Boutique Hotel. The stall name is Tomyam Paa Nga and as the name suggests, they sell Tomyam here. Although I have eaten tomyam many times in Malaysia, I had always wanted to taste the original tomyam in Thailand.. 

Not surprisingly, many websites suggest Muslim travelers to have dinner or supper at this stall because their tomyam was very delightful with its intense flavors and hot-and-sour kick. The price for a bowl of tomyam ranges from 150 Baht to 200 Baht.  Actually, a bowl of tomyam can be shared by two people, thanks to its large portion size.

After having my dinner, I flagged a tuk-tuk to bring me to my hotel, Mercure Bangkok Siam Hotel. Tuk-tuk is essentially a rickshaw with a small engine fitted in. For the 3 kilometer trip, I was charged 200 Baht. The fare may seem expensive but the experience is priceless. So if it is your first time in Thailand, there is no harm in giving it a go.. But, please be careful because one of the most complains about tuk-tuk is that the driver will make unannounced stop at various locations in the hopes that you will buy from the store. As a reward, tuk-tuk drivers get benefits from the shop owners. Nevertheless, riding tuk-tuk is for sure the most fun and authentic way to experience Thailand...

***** to be continued *****


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