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The second day (my third day in Bangkok) of my audit ended earlier than the day before. So I had the chance to check off one item on my bucket list which is watching the sunset over the Temple of Dawn (Wat Arun). 

After I got to the hotel, I quickly went up to my room and changed clothes.. Since I had just one hour to get to the temple before sunset, I decided to use Motorbike Taxi. Remember, Bangkok traffic jams among the world's worst!! So, taking motorbike taxi is one of the best ways to beat their never ending traffic jam. It is easy to recognize motorbike taxi drivers as they generally wear numbered orange vests.

To use one, simply go to their station and mention your destination, and make sure to agree with the price with the driver first. Generally their fares are much cheaper than taxis and tuk-tuk for short distance, but are more expensive for longer cross-city trips as they will usually return to their station after delivering you to your destination, so they have to consider the return journey into the price too.

The nearest motorbike taxi station from my hotel is at the outside of MBK Shopping Center. From there to Tha Phra Chan, I was charged 250 Baht. Actually I asked the driver to drop me at the Wat Arun, but I didn't know why he just dropped me off at the jetty and asked me to take ferry..

I was bewildered and taking ferry or boat to Wat Arun was not in my plan.. Plus, I was in a hurry to catch sunset at the Wat Arun! But there was nothing that I could do.

I went to the ferry ticket counter and asked a staff there how I can get to the Wat Arun by boat. Perhaps because of  language barriers, she just pointed to a ferry waiting at the jetty. Without objection, I got on the ferry. Because I was still in doubt, I asked for guidance from two local girls on the ferry. They were very helpful and nice.

The ferry that we took was only a river crossing boat. So all the passengers had to get off from the ferry at the other side of the river. After we got off from the ferry, the local girls guided me to a nearby pier and told me to take orange flag boat. From the pier, I was supposed to get off after two stations, but I didnt have time to get off because too crowded inside the boat. So I just took pictures of the Wat Arun from within the boat.

To know and understand more about river boats and ferries in Bangkok, you may click this link (here). 

I decided to get off at Saphan Phut Ferry Terminal. From there, I took a walk to explore the area. Eventually, I found a very stylish shopping mall. 

It is Yodpiman River Walk (more info: click here). The ground floor of the mall has stalls selling clothes and other such items, and upstairs a handful of restaurants and shops. The mall is directly behind the Bangkok Flower Market.

***** to be continued *****


1. The best spot to catch sunset in Bangkok
2. Temple of Dawn, Wat Arun
3. Yodpiman River Walk

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